When our firm needed an overhaul of our health costs, we contacted Bob to have him take a look at our plans. Though we ultimately stuck with the representative we had, Bob was quick to respond to questions, attempted to work outside of the box to get us a better resolution, and was someone whom it was easy to work with. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who has needs in the health care field. He has also answered several questions for me regarding Medicare issues, and has been on point in all interactions I have had with him to date. I would highly recommend Bob is you have questions about health care options or Medicare.
Tushar G. Shah

Bob has provided me and my companies excellent choices for health insurance.

David Janis

Bob is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in his industry. Anytime I recommended Bob to any of my clients, he answered all questions, and treats everyone to the highest standards. I would recommend Bob to anyone.
Mike Wengzn

Bob Jones is a good business man. He is focused, hardworking, energetic and always dedicated to the best interests of his customers. From my perspective, Bob also does a good job of working with business associates to accomplish common goals.

Bob exhibits strong management and administrative skills in coordinating the many aspects of his business. He works hard to try to expand his business on many fronts. When I first met Bob, I owned The Foresight Group. In July, 2010, I sold my business to my son, Todd. As an example of working to expand business, Bob and Todd are now in the process of working together with an eye toward expanding Medicare clientele for their respective businesses. They plan to jointly conduct seminars to accomplish their mutual goals.

In all of my dealings with Bob Jones over the years, he has been nice to work with. He is reasonable and cheerful. I am delighted to endorse Bob Jones.

Peter Bigelow

Bob is an exceptional personable professional and caring individual. He is detailed oriented and delivers insurance services with a kind and understandable delivery.

I recommend Bob Jones and his insurance services.

Mike Schuberth

I reached the age qualifying me for Medicare and I was overwhelmed with the myriad choices. I needed the guidance of an expert and Bob Jones provided it. He analyzed my situation and recommended a sensible and cost-effective approach that has worked very well. I’d heartily encourage anyone to consult with Bob before making important Medicare decisions.

Patrick Moore

Bob is not just great at what he does in his field he is also a good and genuine person. He’s a hard working family man who help my business out greatly with his services. If can’t recommend Bob highly enough!

Steven Salerno Jr

Bob is a dedicated professional. He takes the time to evaluate the needs of his clients and is recommendations focus on doing the right thing for his clients. He is an asset to the business community.

Stephen Glick

I have known Bob personally for over 15 years and have had excellent results with Bob providing me with Insurance and financial coverage. He is personable, knowledgeable and valuable in providing advice, recommendations and the right products for me and my family. I would highly recommend Bob. Four Key Reasons to Choose The Jones Group

Dave Durocher