Group Employee Benefits

You’ll find many health insurance plans available in today’s complex market, but what’s important is to find the plan or plans that meet your company’s needs as well as those of its employees. As an independent agency, The Jones Group offers an extensive variety of group and individual health insurance plans including HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, HRA and indemnity plans. They will help you sort through the complex market and guide you to find the plan that best meets your needs.


Is a level funded plan better for you? With a fully-insured plan, all of the risk is carried by your insurance carrier. The carrier also sets the fee for coverage based on their calculations and approved rates from DOI. (Department of Insurance)

The old way for self-insured plans the risk would be fully funded by the employer or organization and is generally considered too risky for an organization with too few employees or members for obvious reasons. Beyond a certain preset amount the employer will be obligated to pay up to their stop-loss limit. Risk is best managed within large numbers of covered participants.

Level funding takes that worry away, because for the full twelve months plan year, the premium WILL NOT change. Upon renewal, in a bad health year, the premiums could rise significantly so moving back to fully insured could be an answer or not. The Jones Agency will complete that analysis well before that time comes. Innovation is the key, level funding could bring you premium stability for years to come.

Wellness is good for business – Healthy employees are productive employees

A sensible wellness program for your organization can be beneficial for everyone involved.

Reduces claims cost and keeps employees healthier

Lower costs for risk management with reduced insurance costs

Reduced absenteeism and presentism

Improved overall lifestyle satisfaction

The Jones Group works with client companies, exploring the benefits and possibilities of how a sensible Wellness Plan can achieve improvement in overall performance, reducing costs, increasing profitability and the bonus is the distinct gain in personal lifestyle satisfaction for all participants.

Other Group Employee Benefits

Life Insurance

Voluntary – Group Term – Key Man – Buy/Sell – Continuation/Succession Planning

Disability Insurance

Short-term Disability and Long-term Disability



Long Term Care

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ACA, Regulation updates
Regulation updates
Health Care Reform Guidance

Value Added Services

Market Analysis & Plan Administration

Comprehensive market review and analysis

Analysis of the direct competition’s coverage levels

Benefit plan presentation and implementation

Educational seminars for employees and their families

Benefit reviews with union representatives

HR Administration, Claims Assistance

Online employee benefit management website

HSA viability review

COBRA Administration

Open enrollment coordination

Employee Benefit Statements

Continuous ongoing service

Section 125 administration

Consolidated Billing