Fixed Annuities

With a fixed annuity, you begin taking important steps towards securing your own retirement. Along with the security of this type of investment, comes a guaranteed lifetime income that an annuity has to offer.

Fixed annuities were created as a way to gain an income stream as part of your retirement.  While you pay the premiums now, the insurance company provides you income either now or in the future.  Your money will earn interest within the annuity during the accumulation period.

With a fixed annuity you can:

  • Be guaranteed safety of Principle and receipt of the minimum interest rate assured by the contract
  • Accumulate tax-deferred money for retirement
  • Benefit from the guaranteed retirement income from your annuity
  • Have many options to choose from for the payout Phase
  • Pass on a financial security to loved ones

Indexed Annuities

The Jones Group also offers indexed annuities as a great option for retirement.  Indexed annuities are also fixed annuities where you get the low-risk appeal of a guaranteed minimum return of a fixed annuity with the possibility of even higher gains since indexed annuities are tied to the performance of a benchmarked index (like the S&P 500).

Choosing an insurance company with the reputation and financial security you trust is one of the most important steps to the process of buying an annuity. The Jones Group is an independent agency working with more than one insurance company, offering you the options you deserve.