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An an independent insurance broker, our allegiance is to you, NOT to any insurance company or employee benefits provider.  The Jones Group takes great pride in customer services and taking the time to understand the needs and wants of every individual or company we assist.

Whether you have a small policy or a large employee benefits plan for 250 employees, The Jones Group in Wethersfield CT is ready to help with your insurance needs.  We will quickly and accurately handle market analysis, employee enrollment, plan administration, eligibility, claims, billing and much more for group insurance clients. 

  • We will analyze your options
  • present all the facts objectively
  • provide recommendations based on your budget and needs
  • assist you in making the final decision

This process is just the beginning as The Jones Group remains actively involved in serving your employee benefits and insurance needs. 

With over 35 years of combined experience, you can feel confident choosing The Jones Group for your insurance needs including:



The Jones Group Team is proud to offer over 35 years of experience to our customers.


Hundreds of companies and individuals have chosen The Jones Group as their agent of record because they know him, trust him and recognize his expertise.


As an independent agent, The Jones Group works in the client’s best interest. The success of The Jones Group is not tied to any insurance company or any other group.


The Jones Group offers in-home consultations, timeliness and accessibility, Cobra Administration and a employee benefit website just to name a few.

Dave Durocher says:

I have known Bob personally for over 15 years and have had excellent results with Bob providing me with Insurance and financial coverage. He is personable, knowledgeable and valuable in providing advice, recommendations and the right products for me and my family. I would highly recommend Bob. Four Key Reasons to Choose The Jones Group.

Mike Schuberth says:

Bob is an exceptional personable professional and caring individual. He is detailed oriented and delivers insurance services with a kind and understandable delivery.I recommend Bob Jones and his insurance services.

Patrick Moore says:

I reached the age qualifying me for Medicare and I was overwhelmed with the myriad choices. I needed the guidance of an expert and Bob Jones provided it. He analyzed my situation and recommended a sensible and cost-effective approach that has worked very well. I’d heartily encourage anyone to consult with Bob before making important Medicare decisions.